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A quick recap of the relationship between the Earth and the Sun does help an understanding of why the apparent changes of the Sun’s path occur. So back to basics !

Earth rotating once in 24 hours, makes the Sun appear to us, to be the one moving. The Earth also orbits the Sun in an elliptical ( although near circular path ) in just over 365 days. We are all travelling through space at around 67,000 mph ! The Earth rotates steadily about the axis of the North / South poles, tilted over at a constant angle of 23.5 degrees ( compared to the plane of its orbit, after all what  is “up” in Space ). It is the combination of this angle and the orbit of the Sun that creates the seasons. Maintaining this axis, on a fixed point in space, ( usefully for navigators indicated by the Pole star, Polaris ) during the annual orbit, sometimes the Northern Hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun, thus the Summer season. The orbit continues on until the Northern Hemisphere is pointing away from the Sun, during winter (Southern Hemisphere’s Summer ).