The traditional understanding regarding the ideal layout for a property, is that the principle leisure and gardening areas should face south, which is broadly correct in the Northern hemisphere. However, more careful consideration is required when arranging features such as ponds and patios, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, plants, shrubs and trees. The Sun Compass was designed with gardeners, photographers and property developers in mind, to help them make those decisions which can make a big difference to the project in hand.  

You have seen the simple animation on the home page showing how, within seconds, you can find out where the sun will rise and set at any time of the year. Now you can plan that new patio, position that summer shouse or green house with confidence.

You can also use your Sun Compass to work out where trees and other obstacles will cast shadows at any time of the year. As you can see from the diagram left, winter sun being much lower in the sky can cast a huge area of shade over your garden, flower beds and patio areas. Use the reverse of the Sun Compass as shown below to work out which objects will put your garden in shade at various times of the year.

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